flowersEliminate your allergies
once and for all!

Environmental or inhalant allergies such as ragweed, hay fever, plant, tree, pollen, animal or mold can be eliminated simply, conveniently and inexpensively. For years, allergists have used immunotherapy to dramatically reduce or eliminate patient allergy symptoms. Immunotherapy works by introducing a very small amount of the allergen into the lymphatic system which increases the tolerance of the immune system over time. Allergists commonly use weekly allergy shots to accomplish this but under the tongue allergy drops (sublingual immunotherapy) provide the same curative relief in a safer, more convenient and less expensive way.

You don't have to suffer each season with allergy misery.
Your allergies can be eliminated.

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT)

  • Uses the same medical theory and essential medication as allergy shots
  • Simply put a few drops of the medication under your tongue each morning
  • Dramatic reduction or elimination of all allergy symptoms in 60 – 120 days
  • Long term recalibration of immune system in 3 years after which treatment can be discontinued
  • Safe – no serious side effects or deaths ever reported in published medical research. Johns Hopkins Sinus Center website states, "It is very safe, for both adults and children.”
  • Less expensive – SLIT kit cost $75 plus $15 shipping every two months. This is substantially less than the weekly administration fee for allergy shots and also less than treatment every single year for allergies using over the counter medication
  • No custom mixing of medication. Universal Allergenic Extract treats over 70 allergies including common tree, plant, pollen, animal and mold allergy

To find out more, read the full article on sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops), or our Frequently Asked Questions.

This treatment is provided through your family physician once they are ready to write the prescription for you. To receive the specific information you need to contact your family physician about participation. Registration is easy and your information will be kept private. Once you receive an email with specific instructions, you'll be on your way to real allergy freedom. 

flowersOverview of the steps to allergy relief

Sublingual Immunotherapy (SLIT or allergy drops) must be prescribed by your physician. Your physician needs specific information about SLIT in order to provide you with this prescription. Follow the steps below and you’ll be on your way to allergy freedom.

  1. LEARN about the options available to eliminate your allergies. First read about allergies and effective treatment options. Click here for the article. Then visit the FAQ page.
  2. REGISTER for the allergy program. By registering, you will receive specific instructions necessary to contact your physician about this treatment. to register.
  3. Contact your physician and tell them you would like a prescription for sublingual immunotherapy (allergy drops) to treat your allergies. Ask him or her to review this website and to get back to you about the possibility of providing this treatment for you. The email you will receive when you register will provide further information about contacting your physician. This site will provide your physician with the steps they can take to provide this prescription.
  4. Once your physician is ready to write the prescription for treatment, you can schedule an appointment for testing (if needed) and SLIT treatment.
  5. Follow your physician’s instructions and expect to experience freedom from your allergy symptoms in 60 - 120 days.