Matt's Success Story

I suffered from allergies all my life, even as a small child. I remember having allergy attacks so bad that the only thing that would somewhat help was a dose of medication and trying to go to sleep. My allergies were severe 9 months out of the year, the only relief I got was December, January and February, but then it was so cold outside I could never really enjoy outside. I love being outdoors and dreaded the spring and summertime because of my allergies. I used to have to mow the lawn with a bandana on my face and then I would still have an allergy attack that would ruin my day. I also love animals, especially dogs which I would have allergy attacks when I pet my dogs. When I started using the SLIT I noticed within the first 30 days a decrease in my allergies and they were pretty much cured within a few months. I have continued the therapy and this year I have been able to go outdoors, camp, hike, and do all the things I enjoy doing. Being able to go outside and exercise has actually helped in my overall health and happiness and that is something I enjoy more than anything.